Why Do Some Guys Never Call When They Said They Would? These Tips Will Clear All Your Doubts

Why do guys not call? This is one question that lingers the minds of women and girls always especially call girls in karachi after having a finished date. They guy would have taken your number but did not bother to call you. Now what does this mean? We would find out what does it mean throughout the course of this article.

Probably he is not interested

The guy being not interested in you is one of the major reasons why guys do not call especially after a date. This is his polite and decent way of telling you indirectly that he does not enjoy being with you and that it would be better that if you both part ways and never come across each other in the future.

He is busy

The guy out of his busy schedule would have taken time out to talk to you and take you out on a date. He would have been very polite and chivalrous during the date and was also looking very interested in you. But this guy has some other important business things to do too and that is probably one of the reasons why he would have not called you.

He likes another girl

The guy would have given very strong signs of liking you during the date and getting a call from him post the date might have been hundred percent on the cards. But probably, post the date, he might have come across or stumbled upon another lady who might be more attractive and interesting than you as far he is concerned and this might be one reason why he did not bother to call you after your date.

Might have lost your number

There are very good chances of the guy having lost your number if he had taken that down on a piece of paper. So give him a call instead if you have his number. But wait for a week or two before you make a call.

Some guys take time

Some guys, even if they like a girl, are not very sure as to whether they really want to hang out with that girl or not in the future. They would take some time to analyze the entire situation and may probably call some time later

He is not brave enough

This could be one of the very important reasons why your guy might not call you after the date. It takes a lot of courage to call up a girl whom you have known only through a single date and that might be affecting your guy as well.

He is expecting you to call

There are guys who take numbers from the girls but do not call and expect them to call. This is probably the case why most of the guys do not call after a date or meeting.


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