Warcraft Millionaire Review – Gold Making King

A while ago news shocked the Word of Warcraft community. One player notably achieved a massive amount of gold – close to 1 million. Many people thought it was just a simple trick but they were wrong. The author of the guide showed his screenshots to the public showing each of his 4 characters containing 214 thousand gold, a max gold number on one character. It is even more interesting now when he is selling his guide on how he actually achieved this insane barrier.

Let me show you!

Almost all of the gold making guides are similar. They normally use one technique and abuse it into eternity. Warcraft Millionaire is kind of special in this area. No matter what kind of player you are, you will always find a way to make gold in the guide. The guide as whole is divided into 7 separate categories/PDF files, each of them has a different approach on gold making. This is very valuable since you can choose from the beginning what type of gold making you will take. You can even start with a level 1 character or if you are in the middle of leveling, Warcraft millionaire will guide you through your levels so that you will never become broke again.

These are the 7 separate files contained in the whole Warcraft Millionaire Package:


  1. 1-60 Gold Guide
  2. 60-70 Gold Guide
  3. Auction House Domination
  4. Daily Quests Guide
  5. Grinding Guide
  6. Limited Items Report
  7. Warcraft Basics

If you sum it all up it has total of 209 pages! That way you will never run out of info. You can tell by the names what they are representing. I will explain a bit what each file gives.


1-60 Gold Guide

As the name says, this part of the guide helps you gathering gold while leveling. Some say it may be stupid to start making gold that soon and it may slow leveling. That’s true but you need money at the early levels as much as you do later at level 70. Buying mount (now even available at 30), getting different weapons and armor from auction house can cost you a bit. This guide really helps no matter how you look at it.

60-70 Gold Guide

The main part of the Warcraft Millionaire. This is the level range where the most gold and items will pile up in your bank. The guide describes how to get the most out of this levels so that at level 70 you can buy an epic flying mount, which is the ultimate goal of the most players. Once you have that the gold will really start to flow in. Instructions are really well written for maximum clarity.

Auction House Domination

This part is a lot of fun. I always enjoyed playing with AH because it can reward you with lots of gold if you know how to deal with it. Techniques exposed in this guide are crucial for you in order to dominate the auction house. Once you get used to it, the AH will become a steady source of gold income for you. As the author says in this part – the economy in AH is the same as the real world economy.

Daily Quests Guide

As the title says, you will find lots of information about all the daily quests in outland. Each and every one of them is evaluated with a rating based on a time/reward ratio. Most of the dailies perform well but some are really not worth the time. Warcraft Millionaire gives you vital info on which ones to do and which ones to avoid.

Grinding Guide

We all hate grinding don’t we? But in some occasions it is impossible to avoid it, this is where Warcraft Millionaire really helps. Where to grind, what to grind, when to grind, these are the questions that Grinding Guide answers to. Although the most of the income will come from the daily quests, grinding represents an important role in gold making and it is important not be overlooked.

Limited Items Report

This is something new. You won’t find that in most of the guides. here Warcraft Millionaire exposes some of the limited items that you can buy at vendors and later on sell them on AH for big profits. A very interesting technique indeed. It can get you a lot of gold in a very short amount of time.

And for the last part of the package:

Warcraft Basics

A guide about World of Warcraft economy in general. Buy wow gold Here you will learn how to fundamentally understand the what it is that makes game’s economy tick and how you can rise to the top of it, like the author did.

This is all of the amazing content you will be offered upon purchasing. Many have already bought it and yet no one has given any negative response. Warcraft Millionaire offers as much as it promises – gold making techniques for any kind of WoW player. Therefore overall it performs very well. Up until now I dare to say that it is the most valuable guide on the web.


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