Reasons You should Learn more about Mobile Marketing

Why not have a look at how for more information about mobile marketing? Many people have imagined it. Some actually followed through and made it happen. Most only looked at taking that approach for a few days, then got busy with other things. Some didn’t get started with it because they had little idea of the place to start. Others were disheartened because of the big unknown factors. Let’s not get stuck within the disadvantages before we even start here. It’s time to get analytical here. Let’s check out the for and against register on what we could learn more about mobile marketing and consider them one-by-one.iPhone 13 Pro | Koodo Mobile

Firstly, on the positive side, permit me to mention that mobile marketing is going to be the next big thing. There are 1. 8 thousand Internet surfers and you probably apple iphone 13 pro. know how marketing moved to the internet within the last decade. Now look at the mobile world that currently has over 5 thousand cell phones worldwide.. I. Okay., I hear your argument, that only a small number of those 5 thousand cell phones are actually smart phones which they can use for mobile marketing. It is a valid argument, I agree. However, let me bring to your attention the purpose that there are currently over 50 million smart phones worldwide and that number will increase significantly in the coming years. Only recently Apple launched their new iphone4 and sold over 3 million units in under a month.

Second off, You truly should look into that the biggest selling ads online company, Google, has recently announced that they are shifting focus to mobile marketing and to prove that they mean business they bought the biggest mobile advertising platform called AdMob. And, additionally, consider that Apple is no longer a computer company as it is now called a mobile company since most of the revenue is now coming from selling i-phones, Mobile Apps and iphone accessories. Apple also recently announced their new mobile advertising network called iAd and they almost bought AdMob before Google beat them to the punch.

Lastly, you need to look at what happened within the last three years since the first iphone was launched as i think that it represents the beginning of a new age in the marketing and advertising world. Over a thousand Apps have been down loaded from the Apple Iphone app Store and there are over 200, 000 Apps available for download and that number increases everyday. Google’s Mobile OS IN THIS HANDSET Android mobile phone is beginning gain power and recent reports claim that there are more Droid phones sold than i-phones. The number of Apps for the Android mobile phone is also on the rise and is now over the 30, 000 mark. This means that the mobile marketing world is huge right now and only getting bigger and bigger every day. You can be one of the first to essentially get into the mobile marketing and just think what you could have earned if 12 years ago someone would have told you about Google AdWords!

Within all the above info lies a pretty good set of reasons for why you should learn more about mobile marketing. What’s your opinion? So now think about that for just a few minutes. A great case has been made in favor of doing this. What if you actually could look into mobile marketing and advertising?

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